USA to Host 2nd US-Africa Leaders Summit in December 2022

The 2nd US-Africa Leaders Summit (#UALS2) is scheduled to take place in Washington DC from 13 to 15 December 2022. The event will demonstrate once more the renewed and enduring commitment of the Biden administration towards Africa and underscore the strategic importance of the US-Africa relations.

The key themes of the conference are as follows:

  1. Foster new economic engagement
  2. Advance peace, security, and good governance
  3. Reinforce commitment to democracy, human rights, and civil society
  4. Work collaboratively to strengthen regional and global health security
  5. Promote food security
  6. Respond to the climate crisis
  7. Amplify diaspora ties
  8. Promote education and youth leadership
US State Secretary Blinken and SA Minster of International Relations Pandor

“The USA will not dictate choices to Africa, and neither should anyone else!“

US State Secretary Blinken

Leading to the Summit, State Secretary Blinken paid a visit to Africa in August 2022 to drive up participation to the event. For this particular tour, three countries were on the itinerary: South Africa, DR Congo and Rwanda. in a keynote speech in South Africa, Secretary Blinken underlined that the USA will work ‘with Africa as equal partners.’