Readership Reach

Global Business Council Readership Density Map
Global Business Council Readership Density Map

The Global Business Council (GBC) website has a global reach with readers from all around the world. The GBC appears to attract readership mostly from business and political circles.

However, certain countries stand out and the top countries accessing the Global Business Council (GBC) website are:

  1. Mauritius
  2. USA
  3. China

This finding is in tune with the focus of the GBC and is in line with these countries’ foreign policies, in particular with respect to Africa. Mauritius is aware that its future is intertwined with its hinterland and is thus developing an Africa Strategy. The USA has pivoted back to Africa when the Biden-Harris administration took over. Traditionally, China has been nurturing strong links with African countries since the colonial era.

Drilling down into the interests and categories of readers, we take note the following profiles which make up the majority of the demographics:

  1. Investors
  2. Captains of Industry
  3. Policy Makers

The findings tally with the growing interest of businesses to consider Africa as an investment destination. The emergence of the African continent brings about opportunities for economic growth and business and political leaders thus pay great attention to the region.