Thomas-Greenfield ‘Gets Hands Dirty’ in Mozambique

During her visit to Mozambique, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield worked on Peach and Security, #ClimateChange, #WomenEmpowerment as well as other issues of importance to both US and Mozambique.

Terrorism in Cabo Delgado and war in Ukraine were on the agenda. To fight terrorism, USA is providing training and equipment for the Mozambican police. At the same time, the US supports people who have been impacted by terrorists. In fact, the US is the single largest donor in humanitarian aid to Mozambique and the aid is currently mostly directed to the Cabo Delgado region.

On the Ukraine issue, the US would like Mozambique to leave its neutral position but to take a stand in favor of Ukraine because the US firmly believes that the ‘military operation’ is clearly a violation of the territorial sovereignty of an independent state and is a blatant disregard for the #UN Charter. At the same time, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield clarified: “The US does not ask countries to take sides or choose between friends.”

One issue where both the US and Mozambique see eye to eye is #ClimateChange. While in Mozambique, Ambassador volunteered along environmental groups in a clean-up drive and mangrove planting activity at Costa do Sol. The Three Trees Beach area is the last remaining coastal mangrove forest in Maputo. Mangroves are highly effective carbon sinks, protect against sea erosion and are a breeding ground essential for marine biodiversity.

“Sometimes we have to get our hands dirty in the sand for a country to survive.” 

US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield also had a working session with #YALI graduates, in particular with the women participants. The YALI program aims to develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills. One of the Mozambican women and YALI alumna Marta Uetela founded BioMec. This company manufactures high-performance prosthesis from recycled ocean plastics. Through her entrepreneurship, she has been able to kill two birds with one stone and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

In conclusion, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield underscored that the US stands ready with Mozambique to work hand in hand towards greater peace, greater security and greater prosperity for all.