Ethiopia Committed to Realize Single African Air Transport Market

During a two-day roadshow to promote African Aviation which kicked off on 10 May 2023, the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mr Alemu Sime, reiterated the commitment of Ethiopia to realize the Single African Air Transport Market (#SAATM).

In his keynote address, Minister Sime stated that he believed aviation is an indispensable mode of connectivity to realize the full potential of the #AfCFTA. It is worth noting that the #SAATM is part of the AU #Agenda2063 in order to build the “Africa that we want.” As a matter of fact, Ethiopian Airlines has left no stone unturned by multiplying flights to capitals in Africa as well as overseas.

He firmly believes the benefits of an integrated and solid African aviation far outweigh the challenges. Dilapidated airports, high ticket prices, lack of liberalization can be solved if Africans come together and work towards the greater common good.

The Deputy DG of Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, Mr Mengistu Nigussie, pointed out that the Yamoussoukro Decision to liberalize air transport and allow African carriers unrestricted access to intra-African markets is still far from being achieved. It would appear that the ‘deficiency in political will’ is the main factor preventing African aviation from really taking off.

“As you are well aware, air transport has strategic importance for Africa, due to the low quality of alternative modes of transport such as roads, rail and shipping. It also has the strategic importance due to its economic importance. It is thus the responsibility of each and every African state to ensure that such a critical economic sector is not put at a competitive disadvantage due to the aggressive penetration of foreign carriers into the continent’s market.”

Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Deputy DG, Mengistu Nigussie

Based on the latest study, the intra-Africa air traffic volume is set to increase by more than 50% within the next few years while air fares are projected to decrease by 26% thanks to raised efficiency.

Ethiopian Airlines Destination Map for Africa

Ethiopian Airlines is leading the way for the #SAATM and is already the largest airline operating from the largest airport in Africa and already serving the largest aviation market in Africa. The Ethiopian national carrier has the largest fleet with more than 100 planes which currently fly to about 115 destinations in nearly 80 countries. Ethiopian Airlines is open to partnership with other airlines to serve the African market which is on the cusp of an invigorated growth cycle.