Xi Believes in ‘Bigger and Better’ BRICS

The 15th BRICS Summit (#BRICS2023) ended with the approval of six new member states to join the grouping, namely, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Bangladesh and Indonesia who were declared favorites to join the club finally did not make the cut. However, President Ramaphosa stressed that this is just the first round of expansion, opening the door for further expansion in due course.

Chinese President Xi Jinping announces Global Development Fund and South-South Cooperation Fund in line with #BRI and #GDI at XV #BRICS Summit.

To promote #FoodSecurity and to fight #ClimateChange, China will strengthen partnership with #FAO and set up a Global #GreenEnergy Cooperation Platform.

China-Africa Leaders Dialogue at BRICS Summit 2023

In line with the focus on #BRICS and Africa, China outlined that it has delivered tangible outcomes for the benefits of the people. In particular, China has built over 6,000 km of railways, 6,000 of highways and more than 80 large-scale power plants across Africa.

During the China-Africa Leaders Dialogue held on 24 August 2023, the African side stressed the potential of #AfCFTA single market as a key driver for elevating the partnership.

In close cooperation with #UN, China will launch the #GDI for Africa’s Future action plan to promote the realization of the #SDG in Africa.