Brasco to Produce Heineken Beer Locally in Congo

In a press release, ‘Les Brasseries du Congo’ (BRASCO) announced a strengthening of the partnership with Heineken HQ. Under the new agreement, BRASCO will be able produce Heineken beer locally in Congo-Brazzaville, rather than just importing it.

The new plant necessitated an investment of FCFA 2.2 billion (EUR 3.3 million) to purchase state-of-the-art brewing equipment. It also requires the training of 50 local experts in beer-making and the operation of the machinery.

Heineken Locally Brewed in Congo-Brazzaville

Following the opening of the new plant, the cost of a bottle of Heineken is expected to drop down to FCFA 500 (EUR 0.76). Moreover, BRASCO was quick to point out that thanks to the local value addition (#LVA), the carbon footprint of the beer will be significantly reduced to the elimination of costly and polluting transport. In line with #ESG principles, BRASCO also announced its returnable bottle scheme which will promote he #CircularEconomy.

“BRASCO is happy to offer consumers an international beer which is famous worldwide for its commitment to quality and excellence. Our vision is clear: contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of Congo.”

BRASCO is one of the largest brewers in the Republic of Congo and currently operates two breweries. Its distribution network extends to more than 30,000 sale outlets across the country. In 1994, BRASCO was formed as a JV between CFAO and Heineken.