US and Brazil to Work Together for Better Future

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was on official visit to Brazil from 19? to 22 February 2024. The stopover in Brazil is part of the Latin America tour which will also take Blinken to Argentina. It is worth noting that this visit coincides with 200 years of diplomatic ties between USA and Brazil.

On of the key items on the bilateral cooperation agenda is the fight against #ClimateChange. The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks that contributes to regulate global warming. In the same vein, Brazil is expected to host #COP30 in Belem in 2025.

As an example of an initiative to combat #ClimateChange, we can mention the Global Methane Pledge which aims to cut emissions by at least 30% by 2030. Methane is believed to be the top contributor to #GlobalWarming, ahead of #CarbonDioxide.

 “To take care of the Amazon rainforest today is to take of the planet Earth.  And to take care of the planet Earth is to take care of our own [survival].”

US State Secretary Blinken

Another area for potential cooperation is in the field of #FoodSecurity. To that effect, USA has initiated VACS which stands for Vision for Adapted Crops and Soil in order to promote food crops which are resilient to #ClimateChange.

Brazil is also holding the G20 presidency during 2024. Blinken took part in the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting while in Brazil in preparation for the G20 Summit scheduled for towards the end of the year.