Biden Reiterates Support for Greater African Voice in Global Governance

In a prelude to the 2nd US-Africa Leaders Summit (#UALS2) in December 2022, the White House indicated that the US will support the inclusion of #AU as part of the #G20. The G20 is a grouping of the world’s top economies.

Currently, only South Africa is part of the G20 but the AU has 55 member states. India is holding the rotating Presidency of the G20 in 2023 and President Biden assured the audience of African leaders that he shall personally address the question with President Modi when the opportunity arises.

In the same note, US President Biden also reiterated the support to give a permanent seat to the AU in the #UNSC. AU Chairman Macky Sall clarified that the AU has expressed the wish for Africa to have two permanent seats at the high table at the UN with veto power.

To drum up support for the event, US State Secretary Blinken travelled to Africa to meet with African leaders and explain the new stance of the US toward Africa. In a speech, Blinken even stated: “Africa is no longer just a piece on the global chessboard, but is now a geopolitical player in its own right!”