Feasibility Study Completed on Cameroon-Chad Railway Project

Following the Restitution Seminar by the Cameroon-Chad Railway Commission conducted at the end of April 2024, the Feasibility Study on the regional Cameroon-Chad Railway Project has been completed. The study was financed by a loan from the #AfDB to the tune of FCFA 1.2 billion and the tripartite agreement between AfDB-Cameroon-Chad was signed back in February 2021.

The study identified, analyzed and compared three possible routes with varying costs. Key findings the report have been made available to the public in April 2024, but no final decision has been made as to the best route.

Cameroon-Chad Railway Commission Presents Key Findings of Feasibility Study
Cameroon-Chad Railway Commission Presents Key Findings of Feasibility Study

The first route would start from Ngaoundéré, the regional capital of Adamaoua, and reach the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, passing through Garoua, Maroua, and Kousseri in Cameroon. This cost of this route is estimated at FCFA 4,829 billion.

The second route would also start from Ngaoundéré to N’Djamena, this time passing through the Chadian cities of Moundou, Kélo, and Bongor and would incur an estimated cost of FCFA 2,988 billion.

As for the third route, it would link Ngaoundéré to N’Djamena via Garoua, Figuil, Kéré, Pala, Kélo, and Bongor; it would require an investment of FCFA 4,948 billion.

Earlier, another two routes were also considered: a 400-km route from Ngaoundéré too Moundou, costing FCFA 1,160 billion, and a 1,400-km route passing through Garoua and Maroua too reach N’Djamena, costing FCFA 1,400 billion.

Camrail, owned by Bollore Africa Logistics and a subsidiary of Bollore Group, is the concession holder. If all goes well and financing is secured, then the project kick-off is expected in 2026.

The regional rail will facilitate the transport of goods from the Cameroonian port of Douala to the capital of Chad, N’DJamena. In addition to Chad, the port of Douala provides sea access to landlocked Central African Republic. It will also transport passengers and will improve #connectivity in the northern part of Cameroon.