US Ambassador to UN to Visit Africa

Following the 2nd US-Africa Leaders Summit (#UALS2) in December 2022, the US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, will visit Africa from 25 to 29 January 2023. The information was made public by the US Mission to the UN on 22 January 2023.

For this particular trip, the itinerary includes Ghana, Mozambique and Kenya. According to the communique, the aim of this trip is to “reaffirm and reinforce partnerships with current and previous members of the UNSC.”

The USA believes that a close relationship with UNSC countries is critical to solve global issues related to Peace and Security, with a special focus on conflicts occurring in or affecting Africa. It is worth recalling that “Peace and Securityā€¯ was among the top priorities enumerated during the US-Africa Leaders Summit.

The issue of greater participation by Africa in the #UNSC was also raised during the US-Africa Leaders Summit. Therefore, the question of UN reforms will also be on the agenda.

Evidently, trade and investment will also feature prominently on the menu but without Peace and Security, there can be no economic development. The visit of the US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield overlaps with that of the US Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen who is currently visiting Senegal, South Africa and Zambia, right after her participation at the World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos.