Mauritania to Double Iron Production

Mauritania is Africa’s 2nd largest iron producer behind South Africa. Its top company in this field is the ‘Societe Nationale Industrielle and Miniere’ (SNIM) which aims to double its production by 2026.

Mining is the largest industry in Mauritania and contributes to nearly 25% of its overall GDP and represented nearly 60& of its total exports in 2020. Iron ore was the top export item with the value reaching EUR 1.5 billion in 2021, while gold and copper accounted for EUR 273 million and 217 million respectively in 2021. SNIM alone contributes 15% to the GDP and accounts for 30% of exports, mainly to China, Germany and Japan.

SNIM’s plan is to double the production of iron ore to 24 million tonnes by 2026, which will upgrade Mauritania into the world’s top 10 iron producing countries. Previously, an over-ambitious plan was released in 2012 which aims to put Mauritania in the global top 5 with production passing the 40 million tonnes mark by 2025. Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani believes the new plan is more realistic and definitely realizable.