Ethiopian Airlines to Procure 20 Boeing 777X Widebody Jets

On 5 March 2024, Ethiopian Airlines announced its procurement of 8 Boeing 77709 passenger jets, with the option on another 12 planes. With this order, Ethiopian Airlines becomes the first Boeing 777X widebody aircraft customer in Africa.

In 2023, it is to be recalled that Ethiopian Airlines had already placed an order for eleven Boeing 787 and twenty Boeing 737MAX. Boeing makes up roughly half of fleet of Ethiopian Airlines, with the other half coming from Airbus. Currently, Ethiopian Airlines operates twenty-nine Boeing 777, twenty-seven Boeing 737, and fifteen Boeing 737MAX.

“We are pleased to continue setting the trend in African aviation by adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance our services and customer satisfaction. Improving our operational performance and commitment to environmental sustainability, the 777-9 offers more flexibility, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions.” 

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Mesfin Tasew

Thr 777-9 aircraft combines the best technologies which have made the success of the 777 and 787 series. Through the application of carbon-fiber composite materials in its wings and engines, the plane becomes lighter and is able achieve up to 10% savings in fuel.

Boeing 777-9 Key Technical Characteristics
Boeing 777-9 Key Technical Characteristics

“Building on a relationship that goes back 75 years, we deeply value the unwavering trust and confidence Ethiopian Airlines puts in our airplanes.”

Boeing SVP of Sales & Marketing Brad McMullen

With its better fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint, the 777-9 has an improved range of 13,510 km. In other words, the plane can fly across Africa and the Atlantic Ocean from Addis Ababa to as far as Seattle on the West Coast of the USA. The Boeing 777-9 will be the flagship of the Ethiopian Airlines fleet and will allow it to extend its network and expand on its #connectivity options.

According to Boeing Market Outlook for Africa, air traffic in Africa is expected to grow at a sustained rate of at least 7% until 2042. This represents the third fastest growth among all the regions around the world and is above the global average of 6%.

Ethiopian Airlines operates the largest fleet of all the African airliners and is one of the strongest proponents behind the Single African Air Transport Market (#SAATM). Thanks to Ethiopian Airlines, Addis Ababa has developed into a major hub which connects to various capitals in Africa and beyond.

Ethiopian Airlines Routes Map
Ethiopian Airlines Routes Map